samedi 7 mai 2016

Red head alert!

TBT! How could we not let the spray net champ, the classy, geeky, flaming red head receptionist from the Ghostbuster serie, Janine Melnitz, get her share of first role? See her backstage in this freshly released folio containing 8 crunchy and fetishy flavored alternative versions in HD.
Add it to your Black Sheep collection now by having a look at the shop!

vendredi 12 février 2016

New folios availables!

That you're into plump furry gals or extraplanar djinnie chicks, this last
updates subjects will get both your party started.
Hazel, Mittsie's OC, and a revamp of Arloth, one of mines, are now both available for pickup
in digital downloads at the shop's counter!