samedi 27 août 2011

About the artist

I went in exploration as an erotic commissionner somehow inexperimented, almost 5 years ago. It was a lot, with lots of up and downs, far more than I  anticipated and on wich I've tried parallelly to live a ''generic artist life''.
But how much fun, I've learned so much, it felt great!

After leaving the ''Slimy'' project behind a few months earlier (june 2011), developping some techniques and learning much more in the erotic illustration art, as well as finding a more defined inner artistic path, I now feel totally ready to start anew, more motivated than ever to offer quality pictures like you've never seen before. This I swear!

Things have changed. Obviously. You dont run under a name for a few years and let go because you just ''feel'' like it. Many things had to change; the definitions of subjects I like to work with, the definition of my dynamism in my pictures, my quality level, who I was working with, and the fetishes themselves had to be completely redefined. This is where I left of, in a total confusion and chaos.

I remember starting out under the Slimy signature as an artist dealing in extremes uro/scato works but commissionned many if not all possible fetishes even. Working, and living of my art, had the best of me. It threw me in doing everything I could to eat, including diminishing myself to every desires of my customers, calling it ''open mindedness''. But it was fear.
All the fun I had to make the most delicious pin-ups in the most extremes and messy situations somehow turned me and many on.
But once again, not because of the fetish itself, but because of the subject, the women. I'm a pin-up artist/illustrator, and I was doing it wrong.

That's why I had to reposition my vision of erotism trough pornography.
I now understand and will share with you that I'm not anymore into a dehumanizing form of pornography where the subject is left behind at the cost if its reasons to be, but going toward an erotic fantasy that comes touch us deeper than what satiates most of the most pervert apetites.

Looking forward to work with you all.


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